Friday, October 31, 2008

What about ME?

Today's the last day for 31 for 21! What a great month it has been!! We've had quite a lot going on- Brianna was sick at the beginning of the month, then our trip to Nashville and Atlanta, then my outing on the Buddy Cruise, then, Micah caught a cold, handed it over to me, yes, Brianna got sick again, then me, and now here it is Halloween and the month is OVER! Seems like a lot has been done but there's still so much that HASN'T. Like... YOUR QUESTIONS!

Admittedly I've slacked off on answering the questions submitted to me earlier in the month as so many other pressing things have come up that have taken either my time or energy (or both!). Please know that I do intend to answer each question that was asked and I have them filed together for future blogging! I will also do the regular Q&A's for any other questions posted. Thanks so much for the wonderful questions and maybe... just maybe... I'll get some time this afternoon to put the time and attention into those questions that they deserve and I'll finish out October with that :)

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