Friday, October 31, 2008

We 'carved' pumpkins! (photo overload)

Thank you for the many prayers.  I am feeling much better today after sleeping most of the day yesterday.  I'm still not quite up to par but I hope to be able to bring the kids to their halloween festivities at the church tonight and otherwise we're just going to hang out today and all take it easy. Here's some photos from the past few days since I wasn't up to posting them until now.

On Wednesday evening when Mike's parents came over for the evening to celebrate his mom's 50th birthday and we 'carved' pumpkins!  Actually, we took the guts out and put in these cute "Mr. Pumpkin Head" pieces (sooo much more preschooler friendly then knives :) ).  The kids all had a good time, though the three little ones kept their eyes on it and not their hands so much...

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This is Brianna last night after her nighttime snack.  No, it's not a chocolate bar, it's an organic 'energy' bar with lots of protein and such in it which is good for a little person that doesn't really like to eat much. My little 21 pound peanut!  It's hard to believe that she's the "tiny" one of the group again.  I thought when we brought Micah and Emma home that Brianna would always seem BIG after that.  I guess they've proven me wrong.  Brianna's always had feeding/weight gain trouble and had a tube until March of this year.  She is holding her own and is able to gain a little but we have to do high calorie foods with her and we know it will be a struggle for her for a long time.  She did put on some weight while we were gone which I think was a natural 'spurt' because she was beginning to pull up and started cruising soon after.  Now that she's walking she's slimmed down but gotten so much stronger that she's not gained much weight but has gained muscle.

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On Wednesday I gave all the kids baths but I waited to give Emma hers until she'd have the tub to herself.  She LOVES playing in the water and only put her face in it (to try to lay down...) once!  She realized she didn't care for that much :)  What an interesting therapy idea... put her in the tub to make her learn to sit up longer! LOL  Of course I'm always sitting right next to the tub when she's in it so I can grab her in an instant if she does lay down or fall over.  You can see how much she LOVES splashing!  All these pic's have the water really ruffled and she did it all herself :)

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More photos by Kristopher: (love E's pjs?  It's a thicker night gown with some pants LOL  I needed something 'warmish' but her footed sleeper was too warm for last night LOL).  He dressed the bear up himself, that's a costume my parents bought for the girls last year at Christmas time.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better. I missed your blog ;o) , and of course those beautiful kids!