Friday, October 24, 2008

Shelley with my kiddos

After the cruise Shelley got in a little snuggle time with Micah and Emma.  Brianna wasn't so sure about the idea but did snuggle a little bit :)  Kristopher was at school for the morning so Shelley only got to see him for the 5 minutes while he was getting ready to go with Mike on the Friday before we left.  Anyway, here's some pics :)


Kisses for Shelley... Doesn't a BABY look good on her?? :) :)


Hmm... I don't know, Shelley, a little GIRL looks good on ya too! (shh.. don't tell Robert I said that!)



Brianna might not look so enthused here, but I assure you she enjoyed Shelley's visit because she wanted to get in her rental car and leave with her :)  I'm not sure how I feel about that after I was away from her for 3 days but I'm glad she likes Shelley! LOL


And a few miscellaneous pictures from home this week...

Micah was playing piano and Brianna was holding on to the top WILDLY BOUNCING on the ottoman :)


Emma decided this was as good a place as any to chew on Brianna's shoe... Yes, she scooted herself in there! LOL


The thing she's sucking on is not a big pacifier, but it's close! LOL  Since E likes to chew on fabric I thought all of a sudden that maybe these mesh bags would do the trick?  First I gave it to her without anything in the bag just while she was playing.  She LOVED it.  Next I'll try giving it to her in her highchair.  The third time... it's going to have a tad bit of food inside!  We'll see if I can get her eating some food through the mesh sometime soon!  She's back to fighting us about solids and only has taken them about 3-4 times total (and only tastes each time) so though we've made HUGE gains in that area, there's still a long way to go.  Oh, and my solution for not staining shirts is a double bib :)  She leaks horribly while she drinks and everything stains!



  1. You're going to get me in trouble! NO babies...and no more girls!!! Though I did enjoy snuggling with your baby and your girls!

  2. Adorable pictures!! Brilliant idea about the mesh bags! Emma looks SO good. It looks like she's really putting some meat on those bones now!! Her arms and legs even have a little bit of chub! Her transformation is a beautiful and amazing thing to see.

  3. Emma looks like a different child now - I actually thought the first picture of her was Brianna initially. What a wonderful change.

    Once all three little ones start toddling - then walking - then running - are you ever going to have a lively household! ;-)From the looks of things, it won't be long...

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky

  4. Adorable pictures! Emma looks chunkier than just a couple of weeks ago! She's packin' on the pounds! I am also very excited for the milestones you posted in the long post. Wonderful! I am so happy for you! And Emma, she's smart. Hiding in a laundry basket? LOL

  5. Emma is getting more and more beautiful everyday. Thank you for sharing.


  6. Aww they all look lovely! I agree, Shelley! You look very good with a baby!

    Meredith, I sent you an email regarding the RR calendar, I know you are Buddy Walking today but as soon as you get a chance if you can reply! Thanks so much!

  7. Wow, Emma's doing amazingly well! I love watching her progress. And Micah's pulling up so well!

  8. How awesome! The pictures are wonderful.

  9. man she is getting chunky-I love it!!! She really is starting to look like Bri's twin, it is amazing!!