Friday, October 31, 2008

It didn't happen, and please pray

Well, that Q&A didn't happen, but we did have a nice time at the church Harvest Fest tonight and of course I'll get some pic's up soon ;)

On a side note, would you please pray for Emma this next few days? She's again having this unusual bruising and we're not sure what is causing it. It's not even bruising necessarily... it's broken blood vessels where small amounts of pressure is applied. Under her arms especially. Here's a pic, though it's hard to see in a photo. Basically, all of the coloration in the photo is busted blood vessels... there's no 'creasing' in the photo like you'd see when someone just has their arm down a while.


Sorry so big, if I posted it smaller you can't see it well.

Thanks for your prayers. We'll call the ped tomorrow but likely won't be seen until Monday unless they send us back to the ER again...


  1. Praying for answers...

    Let me know if there is anything I can do. I should be home tomorrow (at least most of the day).

  2. wonder if her blood sugar is getting high. I had that on my legs and found it was when my blood sugar gets high and if I stay off sugar they would go away.

  3. petechiae. I hope it's nothing serious. Also praying for Emma here.

  4. Just FYI... that "bruising" is called petechia. I'm glad you're getting her checked out right away, because it's important to look into that kind of thing. Hopefully it's a simple, easily fixed problem. May God bless.