Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day two visiting with Andrea and family

Since the Roberts family is moving to DC soon, a new director will be filling her shoes for a few weeks. Emma got to sit in "Mission Control" to see how it'll feel to be Andrea for a time. How do you think Emma will do as the fill in director?? I think she looks like a natural here...

003 005 008

Reece definitely wasn't so keen on this set up for long, but he did get a kiss in with Micah before Emma declared her own "DONE"! (And Micah had spit up all over his clothes and napped in a diaper... He was waiting for his second set of clothes when Reece's "MOMENT" arrived and we couldn't pass it up!)

009 010 011

I actually think Micah's features resemble Owen and Reece... Here's Andrea with Reece and with Micah...

012 017

Andrea with Micah, Reece, Meredith with Brianna, Mike with Owen and Kristopher, and Emma in front. Rich, Andrea's husband, took the picture!


Doesn't he make that look easy? :) Andrea's boys really do look like they could be twins! (Owen pictured left, Reece on the right)



  1. Great pics of everyone. The boys do look more alike the older they get! I think Emma will be a perfect fit as interim director.

  2. i have a question that has nothing to do with this post but i can't find your email address right now...

    this orphan aid thing came up on my browser today, and i started looking up information on the torez orphanage that's so horrible. the pictures made me physically sick.

    so the question is... why can't children be adopted from there? granted it isn't the place most would look for their future child, but what's the harm? if you had been just a little bit later, Emma would be there with no way to get out. and yet she's the same girl that has come so far since coming home with you! i just don't get it. do you know why they don't let people adopt kids from there?

    - michelle