Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Some news from yesterday

Yesterday was a busy day! We had E's dr's appointment, K's friend came for just a short visit before her mom got back from the airport so he ended up going to her house to visit instead, and then at the last minute (like 3 in the afternoon) we decided to do my dad's birthday cake last night at 8pm- the only opportunity for us and my parents to get together before next week (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! His birthday is today :) ). I felt like quite the Betty Crocker with my breadsticks in the convection oven, a cake in the small oven, pot roast and potatoes on plates all before my husband got home from work! LOL Of course the roast and potatoes were leftovers from yesterday but the point is that it wasn't frozen pizza or chicken nuggets :)

Ok, back to the dr's appointment-
The first BIG news is that my suspicions have been confirmed and Emma has gained
FIVE POUNDS in the past 3 weeks! That's the same amount she gained in the 6 MONTHS prior! Who is this child?? She's topping the charts at 27 pounds 2 oz!

The other part of that appointment, not so fun... Though her blood test results are all looking ok, the bruising is still a big concern. I was expecting to hear "ok, she stopped bruising, no big deal and if it happens again we'll see what happens, those little things she's still doing are not a biggie". I was wrong. Instead I was told that we'd do bloodwork again in 2 weeks and likely be sent to a hematologist for further study. Especially if the numbers do come back 'normal' and there's not any simple reason to explain it. In other words, we need to keep looking until we find out what's going on with her as long as there's any unusual bruising.

I'm glad that the doctor's being cautious- I don't want to let something important slip by just because we glossed something over, but I also don't want to go looking for "big stuff" if it's really no big deal. I guess we'll just have to find a happy medium and investigate enough to be secure but may have to just say "it was weird" and go on about life as well. Regardless, your prayers in this area for Emma- that we would find a simple reason for her bruising- would be greatly appreciated. The not-so-simple reasons aren't so pretty but thankfully her bloodwork points away from those things as well!

I'll post some photos later, but we had a fun time for my dad's birthday and Kristopher and Brianna had a great time decorating the cake! Everyone stayed up an hour past bedtime (since we didn't even start eating cake until 8pm LOL).

Now off to start today and the doctor's visit for Micah!


  1. isn't amazing what surgery will do to help a little one gain weight. Yeah Emma 5 lbs is great! Hope your day goes smoothly at the dr today. I will be praying for Emma and for an answer to the bruising.

  2. Wow! Five pounds is huge. Looks like she is playing catch-up. There is so much about the human body that we do not understand. I pray that God will continue to care for Emma as He has done in the past and that He will resolve the bruising.

  3. Wow, it is great to see her thriving so well! We will continue to pray for Emma.

  4. awesome!! she is really going to show her stuff now that she is healed pretty well.
    She might have such a big infusion of calories, maybe her iron levels got wacky or she went from anemic to not and her platelets or whtaever are adjusting. Heck, her cells are probably going-wow, calories, oxygen and blood-zowie!!
    Can't wait for more pics. I am sure she will gain muscle and fat, I think I may not recognize her by Christmas!!

  5. I thought Emma's face and limbs looked fuller in the pictures from your vacation - I am so happy for her, and for you.

    My mother used to say that she bruised if you looked at her - turned out to be a Vitamin B-12 deficiency, remedied with a regular shot. Vitamin K is also important in clotting, I recall. Is Emma on any blood-thinners because of her heart? If so, might they need tweaking a bit? In any case, I am glad for the follow-up and hope it can be easily corrected.

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky

  6. Wow! That is AMAZING! The surgery and how much she is taking in I am sure has contributed to her gain. Plus, she is being loved to pieces by two great parents! Go Emma! :)

  7. 5 pounds...WOW! She's going to catch up to Xander soon(and I don't envy anyone else having to carry around that much weight!)

  8. Wow! THat is great news! Five pounds--what little chunk!

  9. WTG Miss Emma, 5 pounds is so wonderful, keep that up sweet girl!

    Hugs from Tucson