Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Really? All I had to do was ASK?


Yesterday's packaging...                                     Today's packaging... YAY!


I wonder if the Wal-Mart brand "Ensure" drinks fit the nipple now too??  Oh that would make our trip this week sooooooo much easier!  Only nipples and rings to clean for any of Emma's meals!!! (I'll have to try that out later, but I bought all WM brand Ensure for our trip)


  1. COOL!!!! (filing this away for future reference...)

  2. well at least I have someome commenting on my blog LOL

  3. Funny...when I posted the other day that I'd bought a bunch of cases, I almost mentioned that there was a new bottle style, like the brand-name Pediasure bottles that we've had, but I hadn't tested it with a nipple (since B doesn't believe in those things) so I didn't. Glad you got your wish!