Saturday, October 25, 2008

Buddy Walk Pictures :)

We had a great time this morning! We had a team of 12! It was a lot of fun and I'm already looking forward to next year's... and to having a RR booth maybe...?

This booth is the Benjamin Cornish Memorial Fund page. Click the photos to get a little bigger view. A few families were highlighted that have received a grant from them :) They also had a beanbag toss (at the front) and little prizes for the kids.

001 004

Since I didn't get a team photo, these next two will have to do. I'm the only one missing... because I always end up with the camera. My mom is on the left, then E, Mike's mom is in the background looking at her camera as she walks, then my new friend Sandy that just relocated to the area and her son.


This one has the other half of our crew, Mike's dad, Mike holding Kristopher, Micah and Brianna, my mom again, and my dad.


Here my dad was crouched down "getting" Emma :) I don't often talk of favorites or anything else because most of the kids/adults don't have any favorites unless it's a healthy preference for Mike and I over other people. I have to say, though, that Emma and my dad have a very strong bond and though my dad would not claim 'favorites', I think Emma would! Dad came over to help me home from Ukraine and since Micah was 1) smaller/lighter and 2) sick the entire time,he was pretty much attached to me. Emma and Dad spent a lot of time bonding those first 2 days both in Ukraine and on the plane. She still has a healthy preference to Mike and I, but my dad is the next best thing! She squealed when she saw him the other day-- that's just not her usual reaction to people :)


Here they are again, and my mom and Micah were dancing. He LOVED it :)

010 012

Two friends, Sandy with her little guy are on the left. Kristen with her little sister (Mom and the other 2 sisters were there too and I wish we could have spent more time with them! I hope we can get together again sometime soon! Their little A is just 3 months younger than Brianna and 5 months older than Micah. I love their family as they each are very special to us and now the bond with our girls is another special thing.


The boys enjoying the activities- K was in an inflatable jumper. He's finally big enough to enjoy those things :)

016 021

Dad and Mike with Brianna. She sat on the outside and bounced :) The other pic is Emma taking a look at the bubbles and trying to figure out what she could do with that... We couldn't actually get them to blow, the solution was weak or foamy or something...

022 025

Two beautiful girls... (and one very handsome guy too if I do say so myself ;) )

027 030

Kristopher trying his hand out at the bubbles, Grandaddy and Brianna too

031 035

Isn't he just adorable? Sweet boy :)

038 039

Three of the kids tried out the pony rides. I don't have the pic's of Brianna because they're on my parents' camera (and they're on a cruise now) so I'll try to post those... some day...

042 045

Taking a look at the horse... And that'd be my dad standing up after going down that twisty slide with Brianna on his lap. I'm not sure how he managed that since *I* have a hard time fitting down those slides! LOL


Emma lasted about the time it took for me to get this picture on the pony. Sandy won a gift basket from the raffle drawings! So what if it's all poker hats and stuff and she doesn't play poker... I won a raffle drawing too (Have I mentioned here that I NEVER WIN ANYTHING???). It was a bit ironic tho because I won a gift certificate to a seafood bar. Um... I'm really allergic to fish :)

052 055

See up on the stage all those cute cheerleaders doing a dance? And then off to the far left there's a few kids up there too? And see the "audience"? Oh wait, that would just be my mom. Why wasn't anyone else up there? Because if you click the picture to see it a little bigger you'll notice the raindrops. Big ones. Falling quickly. But... my mom had just learned this dance and was excited about doing it and was already wet... so she had a great time out there in the rain by herself (the stage is covered) getting drenched and dancing it down :) And of course... I also got video :D And Kristopher got a quick little face painting done. We really wanted to go see Kelly and have her booth do it, but I guess we'll have to wait until next time she's at an event. After all, it started pouring again (it let up for a few) and we ended up leaving soon after. Next time, Kelly!

056 058

I want to mention, too, that though there's not many pictures of Micah, he was there! He just didn't go around to all the booths with us. He hung out with the grandmas at the booth they had going. That's also why there's not many pic's of Grandma, Grandmommy, and Grandpa. They were all together and working a booth while Mike and I, Grandaddy, Sandy and 4 of the kids made the rounds to the booths. Micah didn't mind having 3 grandparents to himself even if it did mean he didn't get in on the blog much tonight ;)


  1. I think a RR booth is a great idea! At our buddy walk they have a table with brochures from various orgs, but booths would be even better! Lovely pictures. Lovely family!

  2. Glad you had such a great time. The story about your dad and Emma had me teary-eyed. Very sweet :)

  3. wow you had horses at your buddy walk?? how awesome!!!!!!! glad you all had a great time!

  4. what a great event. Emma is looking so, dare I say, CHUBBY! :) You guys are doing a wonderful job with all 4 of your beautiful kids!!


  5. Love the pics. I plan on getting involved with the walk next year closest to us which I think is about 60 miles away. I love Emma's double chin and cute cheeks! She has come so far!

  6. Hi Meredith, It was so great to see you all! I wish I could have spent more time with you. I had been looking forward to that since our lunch got canceled that time before Emma's surgery. You just let me know next time Kristopher wants his face painted and I will do my best to be there. You all looked so great!
    Blessings to you all!
    Love, Kelley