Thursday, October 09, 2008

Need I say more?

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I learned today that Emma was one of the "original 6" that Reece's Rainbow began trying to place in the summer of 2006. Here she is, home, happy, and smiling in the arms of Andrea Roberts, the "lady in charge" that brought the vision of this ministry from passion to completion.


Brianna snoozing with Andrea, and Kristopher and Owen building a 'fort'

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Reece is going in for a kiss :)



  1. How awesome...How long has RR been around....does A have any adopted children and how many if so???

  2. Looks like they are having lots of fun. Glad you are enjoying your vacation. How is Emma doing?


  3. I want that trampoline! That looks like a lot of fun for my energetic bunch!
    It's great to see Andrea with Emma. That must be so special for her to see the "fruit of her labor."
    Lot's of love to Andrea and the Cornish bunch!!!

  4. Oh, how cute they all are. I'm so glad you two gals got to get together!

  5. AWWWWWWWW All of these kiddos are Darling! You better hang tight to B and E, I think little O and R may snatch them up!

  6. Wow! Emma is a charter member, huh? Where are the other 4? I hope you are having a fun vacation.

  7. God tells you to be a tool for him and there are years where it doesn't seem fruitful then his plan comes together and his hand on the tool is revealed. Thanks Andrea we love our little grandkids. Love Marjorie

  8. Amazing. Truly Amazing. It's wonderful to see how her work has made such a wonderful family. : )


  9. Oh my goodness, what a blessing for Andrea to meet one of the children that she helped. What a blessing for your family to be so full of love and joy with all of your little ones. And how blessed your children are that our Father brought them to YOU!


  10. Wow! I love the picture of Andrea with Emma. What a wonderful feeling that must have been for all of you to see part of her original dream safe and sound in her arms. I hadn't heard of the original 6 before so this story just touches my heart.
    PS I'm so glad Emma's bloodwork came back Ok--that must have been scary.

  11. Awesome! That last picture Emma looks scared of the impending kiss!