Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our Buddy Walk was this morning!

We had a great time! A bit of rain sent us home early, but overall it was good.

I'll post more pictures of that later on. We ended up rushing out of there in a hurry for really no reason, but it ended up ok. I didn't get a pic of our team this year though :( There wasn't a lot of communication going on within my own family but it's ok, it ended up all right anyway.

After the buddy walk we drove my parents to the pier for their cruise. We stopped at McD's and picked up a quick lunch then came home.

I was able to clean the tile in our shower, the master tub, and our sinks then also did the guest bath shower tile and finish up the novel I started on the cruise. Now I'll pick up one of the books I bought that were authored by adults w/ Ds so I can share about them soon :).

After what seemed like a productive afternoon I literally sat down to blog and Brianna started throwing up on my lap. She had asked to go potty earlier (yay!) and had gone, then threw up about 20 minutes later. And just to make things more interesting I put her in a warm bath to soak a few and she pooped more in the tub. Good times. So now the kids' bathtub and all their bath toys have been washed as well. Three clean bathrooms, what more could I ask for? (yes, rhetorical...).

Now we're ready for a relaxing afternoon with hopefully no more puking. I'm hoping it was just the sun and heat that got to her, but who knows. I've quarantined her and she's not happy about that.

Sandy-I know Brianna wasn't around your Brady much but I hope she didn't spread the wealth!! Same is true for Grandaddy that is now on a cruise... and was holding her a lot this morning...

More later, off to eat leftover pizza :)

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