Tuesday, October 07, 2008

What a day...

We started out with a nice visit to the ER which we left for at 10:20, drove in circles because EVERY road leading to the hospital was closed for the presidential debates that are here in Nashville tonight, and finally arrived at 11:30. We were released at 3:30. I did get to see one of the presidential candidates' motorcade come through. They have lots of vans just like ours- think they'd notice if an extra one with Florida plates joined in???

The word for Emma was that her blood counts are fine so no concerns there... so we are good to finish our vacation and follow-up when we get home if there's still an issue. We're hoping it was just a random occurrence- maybe her counts dropped for a short time and recovered quickly? Regardless, because she was no longer running a temp and wasn't having bleeding problems, we were released to go. The nurse took her last round of vitals as she laid out her discharge paperwork on the bed and Emma's temp was... 102.4 Um... guess the Tylenol I gave her that morning had worn off? (Yes, of course I'd told them, but they were sure her 99.2, 99.8 was all the 'temp' she was going to get... um... oops). Then she took out the IV and left the room quickly to get something. I changed E's diaper to get ready to leave and picked her back up to find she'd soaked through the gauze on her hand and left 4 quarter sized spots of blood on the bed as well...

So much for no temp or bleeding?

We were released anyway because her hand did clot up after a bit. I'd grabbed another gauze and put pressure on it as soon as I realized it was bleeding and when she came back it was fine. Of course she saw the evidence on the sheets and soaked gauze pad...

Anyway, a few hours of boredom in the hospital was worth the next few days of not worrying that her external bruising could be from clotting problems, low platelets, etc. I'd hate to finish our vacation THEN find out she had some real issues going on that should have been addressed. I'm sure the ER staff now think of us as some super-worried parents that run to the ER for everything... oh well. I was really hoping our cardiologist was going to say "it's nothing, see you at your appointment in 2 weeks" but instead she said "go to the ER now."

I am grateful that the ER not only knew we were coming, but knew Emma's name, had talked with the doctor from the Ds clinic, and knew a little about our family before we ever arrived. Renee's got some good contacts in there! And... I'm a bit surprised at this... we didn't even get read the riot act. I really was not looking forward to the questioning of abuse because here we've got a 24 lb 5 1/2 yr old that's got big areas of bruising on her... but everyone understood the situation and the bruises are obviously not from abuse as they follow the arm band of her shirt, her waist band, her shoulder/back where the car seat belt hits, under her chin, and... lo and behold... there was even some on the roof of her mouth.

We still have no idea what is causing her to bruise so easily, but true to form, she hasn't gotten any new bruises today! LOL She just wanted to scare us all maybe?

Now the fever... we're not exactly sure with that either, but the doctor suspects she may have an ear infection because one ear looks a little red. That would definitely explain the fever... I am hopeful that that's all it is. We'll call our ped tomorrow and make an appointment for Monday or Tuesday to get her seen.

During Emma's and my excursion to the hospital, Mike and the kids went to McD's for lunch, had a little outing to the park (where they then got rained on) then came back to the hospital to 'visit' because my cell didn't work, I couldn't call out long distance from the room phone, and he didn't have a phone # to call the hospital while he was out on the road. So... they came and visited for a minute for an update then by the time he had them all back in the car and had gotten into the stopped traffic again we were discharged!

Ok, enough hospital talk, I'm VERY glad she's got nothing to worry about and we can figure out the bruising some other day (if it even continues) and we decided to continue on the day as planned. We went to an early dinner at the Aquarium Restaurant at the Opry Mills Mall. It was so neat!! The kids absolutely loved it- even Emma and Micah liked watching the fish! I have pictures, of course, which I'll post later along with pictures of our MEET UP yesterday with three 'online' friends who I can now say I've met in REAL LIFE :) I had the pleasure of meeting 8 of the most beautiful children, 3 sweet and loving moms, and one dad that is so kind and sincere! More on that with the pictures...

Now it's late, the day ended up being a good one after all and it's time for BED! Tomorrow morning we check out here and go back to Atlanta. Thursday and Friday Mike will be at a conference and the kids and I will be hanging out with Andrea :) :) Pictures to come... eventually!


  1. I am so glad Emma is doing better. Let us know if you need us during the night, we are about 20 minutes from Vandy. It was great meeting you yesterday. Elijah is still talking about playing dragons with Kristopher and Kameron.


  2. I was anxious to hear what was going on with Miss Emma, glad it seems to be resolving. Will pray you have an uneventful (health wise) remainder of your vacation.

  3. "with three 'online' friends who I can now say I've bed in REAL LIFE" :)

    I usually don't *ever* point out mis-spellings on someone's blog but this one is just a little awkward.

    I hope you're not offended!

  4. Talked to Eli and she too is glad the ear may be one culprit and the other may just go away. Hope your traffic is light and you enjoy both the conference and the visits with new frineds. Love, Mom

  5. Talked to Eli and she too is glad the ear may be one culprit and the other may just go away. Hope your traffic is light and you enjoy both the conference and the visits with new frineds. Love, Mom

  6. Glad it seemed to be nothing. Hope it stays that way. That would be rather concerning.

    Hope the rest of your vacations goes well.

  7. And you thought life was going to get boring! Never...when you have kids!
    I hope the rest of your trip is wonderful! Give hugs to Andrea!

  8. Thanks for blogging so often -- we worry about your little ones in between posts but never have to worry long!

  9. So glad things seem to be resolving - how scary that must have been! Perhaps adding a little more vitamin K to Emma's regimine (sp?) would help prevent a recurrance.

    Hope the rest of your journey is uneventful and fun!

    Susan in Ky

  10. try living in D.C. and having half the city shut down every time someone is headed to or from the white house. and that's not including other motorcades. the secret service can be downright annoying sometimes. :-P

    glad Emma is okay!!!!!

    - Michelle

  11. Oh gosh, I have not been online much, how scary about Emma's bruising, I am sorry to hear she is having another issue, I guess her platelet count was OK? She is on blood thinners?