Monday, October 12, 2009

Just the 7 of us…

Seems like we can either get Micah to look OR Emma…  If I had my PhotoShop I could put these two pic’s together for a great family pic with everyone looking.  But alas, my computer is still not working right so I will make due posting both :)



There are more pictures to share… but I need to vacuum :)


  1. Wow. What kind of sling is that? Does it always fold down like that or did you do that for the picture?

  2. I have a question... I need some input. I adopted my daughter when she was currently being labled as severely mentally delayed. When I brought her home she did have significant delays, but made great gains. She has low tone, sleeps with her feet wrapped around her ears, and had no protective reflexes. I assumed that these were due mostly to institutionalization. Now, home almost 2 years, I am noticing that her facial features also resemble the facial features I have been seeing recently durring Down's awareness activities at work and on the web. I teach SpEd. I never made these connections before now, because she has facial clefting and I "assumed" her facial differences were due to this. Now several people have asked me recently if she has Down's. Can you point me to the testing to ask for to determine this? It in no way changes my expectations for her, but if so, it would explain some things to her educational team.


  3. Great family photos :)

  4. Cool t-shirts! We have a pic on facebook with our t's on--they were red this year. Our 16 year old with ds loves the buddy walk, and so do the little boys!