Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 21st- Fall is here!

Kristopher took this pic.  It’s really my daytime world in one photo.  Baby girl, laptop, and on the left top you can see the swing.  Lynae and I are happy with just the stuff in this photo on days that she and I are home alone.  Granted she spends much more time on my lap than she does in the swing, and I spend way more time on the couch than I do up and doing what I should be some days :)  But there you are… my “RR office” :)

 2009 10-21 003

After school in the ‘grass’ (which needs water badly) having peanut butter Oreos!

2009 10-21 005 2009 10-21 0132009 10-21 008 2009 10-21 009 2009 10-21 012  2009 10-21 021

Micah doesn’t eat cookies, but he was hamming it up, I love these pictures :)

2009 10-21 024 2009 10-21 027 

I finally got my van “all dressed up” too!  Check out the window decal (thanks Christine!) and the RR magnet!

2009 10-21 034 

Yep, Mike got a magnet too :)

2009 10-21 037 

One of my favorite things about fall… pajamas :)

2009 10-21 039 2009 10-21 040 2009 10-21 041 2009 10-21 042


  1. Oh my goodness--those pictures of your blessings are just so stunning. How wonderful.

    You are such a blessed mommy, friend :)

  2. i love all this pictures. everytime i looked at one i said "awww". you are so blessed!

  3. I love all these pictures! The kids are all so cute!!

  4. That 12-passenger van looks SOOO familiar... LOL

    Mark asked me last weekend as we were on our way to the wedding if I had any regrets about buying the van. Nope, not a single one. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  5. You are one lucky woman Meredith. Those children are precious. I don't know if I am more envious of your beautiful family or the fact that you live in FLORIDA! It's a toss up. If you haven't been up to the Silver River State Park around Ocala, it's one of our favorite spots when we get down there. Wonderful cabins, beauty abound and reasonable prices. I sound like a walking advertisement for them :) But it's cold and gloomy up here in MN and it's about that time for my mind to drift south...