Sunday, October 04, 2009

More kids are home :)

TubbsDaisyZhenyaBrown FamilyLaynelisciandroHaireSimon

ALMOST home...

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  1. I just LOVE these posts!! :)

  2. I'm so happy that our Daisy is finally home! : )

  3. Thanks for updating this. I am unable to follow Reeces Rainbow as I did in the past but I sure recognize faces and it makes me happy to see they are HOME :)

  4. I recognize a few! How exciting. Been reading blogs on 31 for 21 and enjoying it so much. We are hoping to have our little one home soon! We found her in a roundabout way- her agency had other little ones listed on RR but had somehow "forgot" to list her. I tend to prefer that God was saving her just for us!Its been a long year!