Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10th- All the Buddies Walk

Today was the annual Buddy Walk for the FEDS of Brevard, our local Down syndrome group! We are so thankful to everone that donated, we met our goal of $300! In fact, we exceeded it by $5 :)

Last night I was up LATE getting everything done. And I still haven't made that phone call but everything else got done :) Our RR board ended up looking nice and quite a few people stopped by and picked up brochures and business cards. If even one set of eyes was opened that may mean a family for a child-- or even a grant to help another family... or really even prayer for all those kids... it is worth it :)

Unfortunately the day ended up being more stressful than planned (who ever plans for stressful? LOL). Micah wasn't feeling great still in the 100+ degree weather (with heat index) and we didn't have enough help at the booth (some last minute thing for different people came up) so we were tied down a lot of the time. Between the booth and the kids and of course wanting to actually go and see the other things AT the walk... it was just too much. We really didn't have a chance to talk with many of the other families there and by the time we left about 30 minutes early we were all DONE for.

Then we came home and put 4 kids down for naps, got a movie for Kristopher and laid down on the couch to sleep :) I even went back to our bed when the kids started waking up and slept another 30 minutes while Mike gave them a snack. Which was great because I don't run long on 4 hours of sleep!

But tomorrow's a new day and next year I know will be another great Buddy Walk! Have a blessed Sunday :o)

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