Friday, October 23, 2009

Praying for Polly

My friend Gillian has a daughter just a few months different in age from Brianna. We met a while back now through Internet forums for Down syndrome and just recently she completed her own adoption of a child with Down syndrome from Ukraine, Evangeline (Evie).

They've been home only a short time and just this week they received a second diagnosis for their biological daughter- one that's not easy to take regardless of the circumstances- and yet one that they have accepted with a grace that far outweighs anything you could expect. Polina (Polly) has Moyamoya. This is a constricting of blood flow in the brain which requires brain surgery and isn't something that will just "go away." They discovered this when Polly had a series of seizures paired with a stroke and paralysis of one leg.

Thank God that they have found it this early, but such a scary thing in the prospect of further strokes before the brain surgery can be performed in mid-November.

Please join me in praying for Polly and the entire family (they have an almost-3 yr old, Polly is 3, and two elementary-age daughters as well). If you have a blog please share this button tto show your support for the family as well as spread the word so that the Body of Christ can come together and lift up one of His precious children and her family in their hour of greatest need.

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