Thursday, October 01, 2009

Happy October

October is Down syndrome awareness month! I'm going to try... REALLY HARD... to post every day this month and to include at least one little tidbit about Ds each day! Though I think that detail is pretty easy when almost half of our family falls into that category :)

Next weekend, October 10th, is our annual Buddy Walk! This is when the FEDS of Brevard (Families Exploring Down Syndrome) get together for a fun day at the park to raise funds for the upcoming year. FEDS of Brevard provides support to families receiving a diagnosis of Ds for their child and activities and support for local families. We are fortunate to have this group nearby and appreciate any support you may be able to chip in to continue to keep Brevard's group serving the members and community as it has been.

Here's our fundraising page, our goal is to raise $100 from each of our children with Ds. Thanks for taking a peek, and Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!! :)


  1. I'm gonna try, but we'll see how successful I am! :o) (Did you do 31 for 21 before? From Tricia's blog? I couldn't remember...

  2. I hope your family has a wonderful time at Buddy Walk. Marcus and Macey enjoyed their first ever Buddy Walk just a couple of weeks ago. Wayne made us t-shirts and we raised $600 in just 6 days for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Oklahoma. It was time well spent and a great cause to be a part of.