Monday, October 26, 2009

October 26th- Down syndrome makes murder ok?

Take a look at this article:

Woman Claims Misread Test Led to Abortion

MINNEAPOLIS (CN) - A woman had an abortion after Mayo Medical Laboratories misread an amniocentesis and told her he would be born with Down syndrome, which an autopsy revealed was untrue, the woman claims in Federal Court.
The woman says Mayo Medical misinterpreted the amniotic fluid analysis. After being given a "Prenatal Aneuploidy Detection (FISH) test" Mayo Medical reported that the fetus had "an abnormal result for chromosome 21 'consistent with Down syndrome,'" according to the complaint.
A trustee for the family says that the mother decided to terminate the pregnancy based on the results of the test. When the aborted fetus was examined, it was revealed that the baby did not have Down syndrome, the trustee says.
Mayo Medical re-examined the slides and reran the test, and found a contamination error in the first test, according to the complaint.
The trustee demands $75,000 for medical malpractice, on behalf of the family, which is represented by Mark Hallberg of St. Paul.

What this article wants you to think is "wow, I feel so badly for that mother that she received the wrong test results and killed a healthy baby!"

What I think is "wow, this world is so morally messed up to believe that just because she thought the baby had Down syndrome that gives her the right to kill that baby!" This article is written so matter-of-factly that there is NO question of the 'morality' of killing a baby with Ds. This mother doesn't deserve $75,000 for medical malpractice! Had she delivered the baby and at birth they said "oh, look at that, that baby is perfectly healthy with just 46 chromosomes, 23 perfect little pairs" then would she have received $75,000 in malpractice money? No, she would have thought she'd received "a miracle."

It's only because she decided to use the information provided to her to murder the child that there is any question raised.

And guess what? When my beautiful daughter was born and she had 47 chromosomes, 22 perfect little pairs and that 21st pair with an 'extra' resulting in trisomy 21? I received a miracle!!


  1. I agree with you 100%, I just hope the judge and jury sees it that way. It's sad that anyone could think of giving this woman money for her mistake. In today's world, there are just too many options to choose killing a baby. I am sad for her that she is so naive and heartless.

  2. yup...Brianna is our multiple miracle and we are very blessed to have her in our

  3. I completely agree with you. I hope, though, that if this woman wins her case that maybe it will make doctors less likely to encourage abortions based on prenatal test results. I think that very few people, after meeting their baby with Down syndrome, would wish they had aborted.

  4. I know that Melea's birth family had the opposite happen. Their amnio said she did not have DS!!!! (I have a copy & I am so glad it did!!!! or she would not be mine)


  5. WOW-- So many people just do not get it. Great post!

  6. Thank you for sharing this Meredith. It is sad that so many people assume that a typical genetic make-up is required to make life worth living. Hopefully our family's can raise awarenesss of the beauty in difference. Thank you for helping people think.

  7. This world has gotten so frightfully far off track with their perceptions of right and wrong. I remember the doctor wanting to schedule this test when I was pregnant for Aidan. I refused, which resulted in a little lecture from my doc. I curtly informed him that I had spent the earlier part of my career working with lovely adult people that have Downs and other developmental challenges and that testing my baby would just be a waste of insurance money as the results would not in any way change the outcome for me. I remember being so outraged that people even think they have a "choice" about this. Thank you for sharing this, and giving us an opportunity to reflect.

  8. UNBELIEVEABLE. This is so sad.

    When Abbs was born I had SO many people tell me- "so-and-so (one of their children) tested positive for DS prenatally but the baby ended up not having it once he/she was born." And I remember thinking then of that 90% abortion rate and how many of THOSE babies didn't even have DS. What a moral mess this nation is in.

    How is it that some people can conceive a baby and NOT see that baby as a miracle? So sad.

  9. Situations like this make me totally flabergasted that people can't SEE how twisted things are now with this society's positions on abortion. It's clear as day that she shouldn't get money for killing her child. It's ridiculous that she even tries, but then again I'm not surprised. It is just so sad that so many people, some even in our little DS community, still think this is acceptable, to kill a child for any reason, including a diagnosis which *could* be wrong.

    Maybe I'm narrow minded. But it just breaks my heart that our babies, 46 OR 47 chromosomes, can be cast aside (violently, of course) just because we have the lack of will or effort to "choose" a route that doesn't cost a life.

    Sorry, Meredith... it just is SO hard not to get passionate about it. They are babies. It's that simple. Totally innocent, vulnerable babies.

  10. What a messed up world we live in, friend. It absolutely breaks my heart to read this stuff.

    Come quickly, Lord Jesus!!!!!

  11. Un-freaking-believable! I have no words...

  12. That is so sad. Yes, why don't we reward people for choosing to kill their children, "disability" or no disability?? I can't believe the world we live in sometimes. A child is a child. One doesn't have more of a right to life than another. Thank you for posting this. We all need to be more aware of things like this and realize that there is a need to minister to people and help them to see that there are other ways.

  13. Our world is so crazy. What a depressing article.

  14. Great post Meredith. People that want to bury their heads and think this doesn't exist need to wake up. Our babies with DS are being killed everyday. I can't imagine life without my Carson. Unfortunately this mother was too selfish to recognize that all life is a precious gift!


  15. This makes me want to cry. But unfortunately, I'm not surprised. Note to self: mail another Red Envelope on Monday!

    What immediately comes to mind (though I had to do a bit of searching to find the exact references):
    Deuteronomy 28:53-57, and 2 Timothy 3:1-8

    Dear Savior...You're coming back soon, right? Please? Please come for us soon. This world is so, SO messed up, thinking it doesn't even need You.