Sunday, October 11, 2009

October 11th- Buddy Walk Cocoa Village :)

Resting up for the walk :) 

2009 10-11 002 

Watching the ‘opening ceremony’

2009 10-11 019

Just chillin’

2009 10-11 003   

Our Reece’s Rainbow table :)

2009 10-11 008 2009 10-11 007

Mike’s parents’ Benjamin Cornish Memorial Fund table

2009 10-11 009 

Micah went up to this woman and took her hands and wanted to dance with her.  She was a great sport about it.  Never did get a chance to talk with her and find out her connection with Down syndrome but she didn’t seem to mind Micah’s little antics :)

2009 10-11 018

Mike and Kristopher set up a game of tossing these socks (filled with beans) into a crate.  They’re part of his ‘youth games’ bucket that came with us to the walk.

2009 10-11 011 

A few others joined the action.  It was SO BRIGHT, and SO HOT.  A lot of the pictures are awful because of it!

2009 10-11 012 

Little man before he decided he was miserable being there…

2009 10-11 013 2009 10-11 014

 2009 10-11 016  

Love this picture :)  Brianna painting a ceramic little cow.  She loves to paint and color!

2009 10-11 020

Kristopher made one too.  They both enjoyed it!  See how WET this little boy is?  He is his father’s child… he hadn’t even been running around.  100 degrees and he just pours sweat without moving, poor kid!

2009 10-11 022

More pictures to come when I get a hold of Mike’s camera.  Off to make some lunches and hopefully get to bed EARLY.  Last night from 12-4 Lynae and I partied until I woke Mike up and went back to sleep.  I got a few hours in since the kids didn’t wake up until almost 7.  Tonight… no partying!  LOL  We shall see.  She just fell asleep though so I better be soon to follow.


  1. Loved the pictures! Emma looks really big, has she grown a lot since her surgery? All the kids look adorable!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! Our Buddy Walk is usually hot too but we have ours in the summer! We are in a major cold snap right now and you guys are enduring a heat wave, this weather is nuts!

  3. Good pics. I can not believe how beautiful all the kids look!!!

  4. Looks fun. Our walk is in 2 weeks. Right now the temp is 45 degrees. Burr! I hope it warms up some by then. At least you guys had sunny weather!!

  5. The kids look wonderful! Adorable baby! Can't believe how big Emma and Micah are getting. Emma looks fantastic!!!