Monday, October 05, 2009

Why did it take 3 1/2 weeks

Lynae holding Kristopher's hand

For me to remember that SWADDLING is a tired mommy's best friend? Lynae slept in her bassinet last night for the first time in 6 or 7 days. The night before we spent in the living room with her playpen next to the couch. Several days before that she either slept ON me in bed or in her swing (not turned on) next to the bed. We'd had several 2am+ nights in there and frankly, we were TIRED :). But... at least for one night... Lynae accepted that the bassinet is the place to sleep!

Unfortunately Lynae seems to get a diaper rash pretty easily. And it really is amazing just how frequently newborns POOP. She's getting changed regularly, but right now if we hear her fuss in the night we are making sure to get up and change her diaper so she doesn't end up with another rash. So any attempts at wanting her to wait more than 2-3 hours when she's waking right now to eat is really in vein. We're getting up to change her and she's ALWAYS dirty, so that little detail will have to wait longer. Thankfully since she's nursing there's no bottles, formula, warming, and all that fun stuff. A ready supply makes that a lot easier :)


  1. Yay for some solid hours of peace! Sorry to hear about the frequent's because your milk is so wonderful for her!

    We always tried to let our little ones have as much "air time" on their tushes as possible. It really cut down on the rashes.

    If you're using cloth (which I would not expect in your busy house!), make sure you bleach them in case there's some residual yeast on the diapers. Or, it could be that cloth would help the rash situation...

  2. One thing I did with my very poopy newborn was to smear his bottom with thick vaseline at every diaper change. It's almost impossible to keep up with how often they go when you have other kids. It's a real bummer when you have to wake a sleeping baby for a diaper change! The vaseline bought us a little extra time. Now that my man's 3 months old he is only pooping once a day.

  3. She is so precious. You just forget so quickly how small and marvelous your babies were.