Friday, October 09, 2009

October 9th- Where have you been?

Today I've been spending a lot of time working on things for THIS and on stuff for THIS and quite a bit of time at THIS too. Oh, plus the 2 kids with strep, the 3rd that probably has it, and a baby girl that is ONE MONTH OLD today... plenty of snuggles for each of them. And, since last night Lynae wanted to celebrate bringing in her first month, I got very little sleep. So we ALL took a nap from about 1-3:30 today. Seriously. FOUR kids all slept. It was a miracle.

Michael brought Kristopher to the church with him for the afternoon since all the kids here are sick. Made more sense than having him here with all the germs. Tonight after bed is 'sanitize the house' time since the kids shouldn't be contagious anymore. Good times. Seems like we just did that??

Tomorrow is our Buddy Walk! The kids are all feeling decent except Micah's occasional cough. They shouldn't be contagious anymore as of this evening because they've been on anti's for 24 hours and have had 5 doses of meds. We're still going to keep Micah pretty quarantined at the walk tomorrow though! It's outdoors at a big park so I know he'll be fine and we won't share :)

Tonight I have one more dossier packet to make and send off... four kids to give baths to... one display board for RR to make for our buddy walk booth at the walk... one long overdue phone call to a friend to make... seven people to 'pack' for so we can leave our house before 7am tomorrow... I think that's it. TGIF, right? :) Mike and Kristopher should be home soon. He had a project to do after work so they've been off doing "man stuff" with two grandpas for the last few hours :)

Buddy walk pic's tomorrow!! THANK YOU to everyone that sponsored us for the walk! And if you'd still like to sponsor us it's not too late :) You can do it online at

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  1. Know the buddy walk will generate understanding and new friendships as well as money for information to new parents of children diagnosed with Downs. Sorry we will not be there but family weddings only happen once in a while. Love ya all Mom