Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23rd- Brianna's animal walks

Some days I wish there was a camera available to just follow my kids around and record all their hilarious stuff :) Of course, that camera man would be ME... and I'm not available, nor is the camera, 24/7. Because I have five kids. And a husband. And a home. But occasionally the camera and camera man both happen to be there at a point in time where one of the kids' antics are caught on tape :) So... I give you the animal monster, Brianna... She knows all her animal sounds and signs and you can even see that feisty attitude coming out! I know some of you don't believe me! LOL

Part way through you'll see her go to the sliders and yell at "Daddy". Well... daddy is at work. But the "little Daddy" that she CALLS Daddy would be Micah. His name is so close to Michael that Brianna has dubbed him 'daddy' as well!

It's almost 5 minutes long- which is LONG- so be warned :) But it's awful cute if I do say so myself!

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PS. No, I would not REALLY want a camera to follow my kids around. It was a joke. I definitely do NOT want a TV show to tear up my family Thankyouverymuch! Just in case it might have come across that way. I would like an automated camera that I could say "tape that!" and it would be there and record it without me having to find the camera, put new batteries in, grab the memory stick that I left in the computer, get to the child, and somehow tape the kid without them having already stopped what they were doing. Just in case I wasn't clear :)


  1. Oh my gosh, look how big she's gotten! She's totally lost the toddler look, hasn't she? And Emma! Wow, she has gotten big too! I can't believe it! And, who was SHE calling? LOL Love your kids.

  2. She was telling me all about monkeys today while I was there. She told me she was a monkey. What a sense of humor..Mom