Friday, October 02, 2009

I got my babies back...

Slowly but surely the kids are coming around! Lynae is 3 weeks old now, and everyone has accepted that she's here to stay :)

Emma is being mostly gentle. She can sit on my lap with Lynae and I don't fear for anyone's life :) She's also back to 'accepting' me. She had a few days she ignored me mostly but she seems to be over that now.

Kristopher is deciding that he'll be nice again-- all around LOL. Well, he still has his moments, but he was doing a lot of negative attention-seeking and is turning around and trying. though I should be careful about writing these good things when he's at home since he will make a liar out of me before I am able to hit post

Brianna is coming up to me and snuggling, looking for hugs, and generally back to her good ole point and shake a finger and say "no no, ok?" to everyone (and I promise I don't do this!!). She's also accepting that when Lynae is nursing she can't be patting her head constantly. Rubbing on clothes, not patting on heads is the rule.

Micah let me take his hand and touch Lynae today. He pretty much just ignores her. He also has been ignoring me some, but though I allowed it to an extent for a few days, no more... He's got to figure out that what I say goes, he's got to listen. He's just on the brink of this anyway, so ignoring me isn't going to work anymore.

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