Saturday, October 17, 2009

October 17th- using technology… I cheated

You see… It’s Sunday night, but since these photos were all TAKEN on Saturday, I am back-dating this post because I never did have a chance to post yesterday! LOL

So I missed a day on the 31 for 21, but I’m cheating by using technology :)

Yesterday we started the day with Mike going to his parents’ house with Kristopher and Brianna and I took Emma and Micah and Lynae to my parents’ house.  Mike and his dad and Kristopher were building a trebujae (sp? It’s like a catapult) for launching pumpkins for our church halloween “pumptoberfest”.  And Brianna and grandma had some playtime.

My dad was over working on their rental house and my mom, brother, and myself and the 3 kids had a garage sale at their house.  Then at 2 we met at the YMCA for the Young Athletes program done through the Special Olympics!  This was the first “real” week that we’ve gone and the kids did ok.  They had all had a long day and both Micah and Emma were ‘done’ at some point during the 30 minutes, but it wasn’t a total wash and they all did have a good time.  Pictures below! (I’m trying to redeem myself with pictures, yes, I am!)

Then we went to a friend from high school’s mother’s home. You see, she contacted me on FaceBook a week or so ago when she realized we had 3 children with Ds, two adopted.  Her mother- an amazing and sweet woman- birthed a child with Ds that died at a young age of Leukemia.  Then, she ADOPTED a child with Ds that had heart issues and also passed at a young age.  She turned around and ADOPTED another child with Ds!  Patrick is now TWENTY!  We went to their house to meet her family and celebrate Patrick’s special day with them.  It was nice to meet their family and get to see Vanessa again.  Her mother was really going against the tide to adopt a child with Ds 20 years ago, but I know she’s so glad that she did.  Patrick is a sweet young man :)

From there we went to Wal-Mart and actually ate at McDonald’s at the back—which we pretty much NEVER do, but this time we needed a few things and it was dinner time and that was MUCH easier than either going home or going to any restaurant and unloading, eating, reloading, and going to Wal-Mart after.  We found EVERYTHING we were looking for! Now we have shirts for Mike and I to wear that match the kids’ clothes for family pictures, and Kristopher does NOT have to go to school naked, which I’m sure he appreciates (all his pants were 2” too short!).  We also got him some new school shoes because his were pretty shot and had started out as hand-me-downs.  Can’t beat $9 shoes!  Anyway, after Wal-Mart we headed back home… it was quite the busy day! 

Here are pictures from the SO Young Athletes!

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