Monday, October 26, 2009

Stepping in and helping out

A family involved with the online Ds community that has a sweet baby girl just a little younger than Brianna has come to a time that they need some help. The T21 Traveling Afghan is running an auction to help them raise some funds:

Why do they need it? Well, in addition to having a child with Ds, the father of this sweet girl was out of work for a time and just began working again. Unfortunately, he has no vacation or disability with his new job and just underwent open heart surgery. His wife is home to care for their children (and him now as well) so they have NO income during his recovery period. As you can imagine this is a stressful time for their family!

Please visit the auction and place some 'bids'. The auction closes FRIDAY!

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  1. In case I do not get to keep touch while in Estonia, Thanks so much for advocating the way you do!!! I love your blog and your faith is inspiring. Please pray for everything to go well for us! Thanks, Shea