Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tomorrow morning and prayer updates

Thank you to those that have been standing with us in prayer. Here are a few updates.

Mike's grandmother had an angiogram done and it cleared her from having any heart issues (they suspected she might need stints). This is an answer to prayer for sure! And of course the original reason she was in the hospital was due to her broken shoulder which the doctors have determined will heal fine without surgery. She should be coming home today! God is good :)

The boys are doing fine with my parents. They've had two days of school now and have adjusted ok to the new environment. Mom and Dad are really enjoying having them as well. They're sweet boys and are adjusting to everything thrown at them. Please continue to pray for all the families and state representatives involved.

Lastly, Micah has an upper GI study scheduled for tomorrow morning in Orlando. His GI doctor wants to rule out any possibility of a rotated intestine since Micah has a few symptoms of it and it is more common with Down syndrome than in the general population. I'm fairly confident that all will go fine and this is not an issue, but it is always better to know since this condition is important to fix if it is there. I'm not sure how they'll be convincing the little man to drink Barium for the study, but I suppose that's not to worry about today :)

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