Sunday, November 30, 2008

One more hiccup

EDITED: I think I'm going to blame this rash on peaches for now... I'll give Emma a little Benadryl when Mike comes home (it's in the diaper bag) and we'll cut out any peaches. The past few days she's only had then twice, but once was this morning. That would explain why when I was holding her while she cried from having her leg stuck in the crib rails (not a fun way to wake up) and then later getting her dressed right after eating she didn't look so bad. But then as we walked out the door all the sudden it had spread and really looked bumpy and nasty. We'll see what some Benadryl and cream does for her (other than help her take a nap) and no more peaches for a while.


Emma’s cheeks have been a bit pink lately, nothing major, and a little dry feeling. Until today. Yesterday they looked pretty good after lotion, then today they look horrible! It wasn’t until we were all IN the van on our way to church that I noticed that it’s not just dry cheeks from the different weather, but it is all the way to the side of her neck and around her ear too… Now that seems more like a rash than dry or chapped skin. Of course it’s Sunday so I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to get her to be seen at the doctor’s office if it doesn’t get better during the day and overnight. The rash is bumpy and raised, blotchy, and on both cheeks and on just one side it goes around her jaw line and then up to her ear and back a bit from there (it’s not behind her ear). She has a little bit of it up along her hairline under her bangs… she doesn’t seem to have a rash anywhere else on her body. Though it doesn’t look to me like a Strep rash, I still would have to bring her to church and then find out she has a virus of some sort that caused it. The other kids all seem fine, though Micah also has pink cheeks- hence my not really worrying that it was anything. His look fine after lotion, not like hers!


It’s hard to take a picture of a kid that wants to suck on her stuffed dog and not be bothered, but you can see it in front of her ear and under her ear, the darker areas. It goes back to her hair line.


Fun stuff… could be nothing… could be Strep… could be a virus… could be an allergic reaction… Why am I thinking that all of those would show up on other parts of the body too though? Hopefully it’s just one of those passing things that throw you for a loop for a few hours then just go away!! :)


  1. Meredith, it looks like bog standard eczema to me. It could be an allergic reaction to something. Common causes for eczema are pets, dairy, soaps & washing powders (laundry), even things that cause hay fever in some cause eczema in others that don't have other hay fever symptoms.

    I would wonder if she's had anything out of the ordinary to eat in the past few days.


  2. Meredith, my 3 year old gets this exact thing whenever he gets a cold. Starts out as dry patches on his cheeks and within hours is red and has spread to his neck. Dr. did say it is eczema and to be thankful that it doesn't seem to be triggered by much else.
    Hopefully it is something simple and she has been exposed to a mild virus of some sort, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

  3. Kara gets that rash if we forget her creme for a day, she has eczema and it also appears on her back. The air gets so dry here and she has such a hard time with dry skin.

  4. I know it might sound weird, but I rash out from some carpets... I know that Emma tends to hang out on the floor alot, so.... maybe? I remember you talking about cleaning carpets awhile back didn't you? Just a thoght. (you probably thought of these things already) I hope that she gets better soon...

  5. Just saw this post- I would hope for her sake that its gone now! But my two cents worth is that it looks EXACTLY like the eczema my three year old had a couple of years ago. In exactly the same spots. Hers started to spread over her whole body so we saw a dermatologist and he said it was definitely eczema. Weird thing is, we followed his instructions- it went away and we've never seen it since. Hm.

    Anyway, hope Emma's better now!