Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My little destroyer

This morning as I was getting one thing done or another one of my little people has been acting as the destroyer. You know the drill, following behind me and acting innocent while emptying diapers from the bottom basket of the changing table, pulling every shoe out of the shoe basket, emptying the bin with things from the dining room table that were moved yesterday and throwing them all over the kitchen floor, grabbing everything off the couch and tossing it-- including the paperwork I was working on. And add to that the phone call I got and was troubleshooting something for someone by looking up my own adoption paperwork and she then got my entire adoption notebook (3" binder that's zipped shut with lots of loose paperwork in there) and began rifling through it! My little destroyer is on the loose!

Baby gates are now shut (thank goodness she doesn't test those or know how to work them yet!). Playroom is now open. Now I get to go back behind my little tornado and clean up the destruction. Good thing she's cute ;)

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