Monday, November 10, 2008

I pulled out the old camera

And I found all kinds of pictures from a year ago!  What a tiny little thing Brianna was!   And Kristopher too!  Here's a few... there were over 380 on the card!  Of course it was full so I had to empty it in order to take any more pictures (and I probably have a few pic's on my dead camera too for that matter). 

168 003

These probably aren't in order, as I'm sure the mess came BEFORE the bath :)


This hippo has since left our house.  Its base was too wide for Brianna to figure out and it sat around for probably 2 years.  Next time we'll get a thinner one at the leg area!

016 018 030 042 060 103 105 116 128 321 200 206 211 236229  224

These were taken at Mike's parents' vacation spot last year when we went over to spend the day with them.

247 248 255

This is little AB who is now 18 months old and walking and running and SO ADORABLE STILL!  I don't see her very often now but we still do keep in touch.  And on the right is my friend M.  She used to stay when I tutored her brother and she would play with Brianna and Kristopher.  I think Brianna likes her, what do you think?  We haven't seen M much lately either but need to invite her over to help me have a MOMMY day and so she can play with the kids sometime soon :)

291 383 332

I sold these sock monkeys with a Ds awareness ribbon on them as a fundraiser for our adoption.  The next photos are our buddy walk last year!

347 360 363 366 377376

Yep, you can say it, go ahead... aww..... :)379


  1. OK. The one with K in the pool with the water wings???? Put a cap on him and he looks like the picture you have of your husband on the side bar.