Friday, November 21, 2008

Micah's swallow study is scheduled

December 12th. Still a ways off, but first they told me they were booked until January, so I'm glad there was a cancellation here so we can get it done sooner. It's still a good 3 weeks away but considering he's 2 years old and has likely always had this problem, 3 weeks will be fine!

And PS...
I don't let the kids lay on the floor (though they want to) and I don't let them crawl (only stand/walk) if the dr's office is one that services 'sick kids'. This was a diagnostics waiting room, which I understand also harbors germs but so does a shopping cart and a playground... :)

And PPS...
It took me about 6 hours to write that long post because I only sit down for 5 minutes at a time :) Nap time I finally finished up and posted!! LOL

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