Monday, November 10, 2008

A blog award with a twist



Ok, so admittedly I'm very bad about posting things like this because they get lost in comments.  I do love to receive them, as it's a small thing that is often a reminder that someone out in cyber world actually reads what I write.   But this one comes with a fun story so it gets a post all its own!  This award was given to me by Amy.  Here's what she said:

This was a tough choice! There are sooo many great Mommy bloggers whose blogs I read, it was tough to pick one. But here goes! The person is Meredith . I have to say that I have NO IDEA how Meredith does all she does! Four kiddos under the age of 5 and 3 with special needs... if you need some inspiration, read her blog!

Thanks Amy!  Now, this award was given to me a little while ago... In fact, it was on September 11th! (  I knew  I'd received it when she posted a sweet comment on my most recent post, but then I couldn't find it again.  I don't know why Blogger doesn't allow you to search comments (or maybe it does?) that would be a great feature!

So today I get a comment on my post from way back on 9/11 from a random anonymous person named Beverly simply saying "well said".  Ok, I wasn't sure what I said so I clicked the post and up pops this comment saying I'd been given an award! LOL

Albeit a bit late (about, oh, 2 months!?), thank you, Amy, for the blog award!  I'm honored by your kind words!

I love to read blogs in my "spare" time (yes, go ahead and laugh!) and though I have a lot that I check in on occasionally, there are just a few that I read every single day that I open my google reader. 

Such a long winded response to say that I'm passing this award on after its two months in my comments to a special mommy that I recently had the privilege to meet.  If you think my  house is busy, I can only imagine hers! Shelley, I love reading your blog and I'm sure many of my readers do too!  And if you don't post this for 2 months... or if you received it already 2 months ago... no worries :) You can still know that I love to read your blog!

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  1. Hehe!
    I'm glad that you enjoyed the award!

    Take care!