Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How to manipulate, lesson 4

"Kristopher, are you hungry right now or should we wait until after we do our pictures?" (asked in the car on our way to the photo session)

"I can wait"

"Are you sure? It's going to take a while..."

"Yeah, I can wait"

(upon second thought...) "I think we'll go now anyway, it's going to be really late when we finish."

"Ok, we can go to McDonald's now instead of waiting if you want to."

(um... when did we say we were going to McDonald's???)


  1. HAHA!
    That reminds me of a "funny"

    me to my friends 4 year old: "Oh, your shoe is untied. Do you know how to retie it?"
    4 year old: "Yes, I know *how to* but I just don't want to right now."
    me: "Oh, you know how to do it?? Can you show me please??"
    4 year old: "Well, Ok."
    me {after 2 failed attempts}: "Can I show you the way my dad taught me?"
    4 year old: "NO, I'm going to do it by my self!"
    me: "Um, Ok."

    HA I love it!!!

  2. That is SO me when I was a kid! Actually, I think it is a special skill us first born children learn somehow. I really have to watch myself because I find myself inadvertently manipulating people sometimes when it is not my intention! (Luckily I'm not a mean, nasty person. It is usually about getting people to choose the restaurant I want or do a chore I hate doing... That kind of stuff.) Anyway, cute story.