Saturday, November 22, 2008

I'm thankful for... #3

Sometimes the biggest bessings are the most apparent when they're not as available. WHAT?

We have been blessed to have 4 grandparents that all live nearby. Mike's parents live 5 minutes in one direction, my parents 10 minutes in another (and 2 minutes from our church). Both sets of grandparents are so helpful when it comes to helping out with the kids so that everyone doesn't have to go to all of the other kids' appointments. At a moment's notice I could call either set of grandparents and they would generally be willing to take a kid or two... or three... so that I could run one up for bloodwork, a last minute doctor's sick visit, or to schedule out times for surgeries and other appointments and procedures.

All the grands are still around but recently my parents have acquired two new sons and Mike's mom has started working full time. I'm so glad for those first 8 months we were home and the 2 months I was in Ukraine because those 10 months our parents really made things much easier for us as we transitioned from 2 to 4 kids and took care of a slew of appointments for the new little ones. (I just counted doctor's appointment visits up... 28 between Emma and Micah since March, and 25 days in a hospital (including outpatient)... 6 different hospitals...)

I'm thankful for GRANDPARENTS! Both sets of grands are still so willing to help out either when their kids are at school or after work is done for the day and their desire to spend time with our kids is also a blessing.

And today, I'm also thankful that Mike's grandmother- "Great Gram" has come through her shoulder surgery without any problems. It was a last minute thing that was scheduled for this morning and I understand she is doing well.

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