Sunday, November 09, 2008

Update and another prayer request.

A quick update, I understand that the kids are doing well in their new homes. I had wanted to wait until I got the "family e-mail" with my parents' announcement so since I received that, I can share just a little more. I now have two "little foster brothers". T is 7 and D is 9. They are doing well with my parents and came by earlier to visit and meet Mike and I and the kids. My parents are not registered foster parents but knew the family so are a non-relative placement for the boys. Everyone's had a good weekend and they go back to school tomorrow. Please continue to pray for all involved in that situation.

Also, Mike's grandmother took a fall yesterday and landed on her shoulder, breaking it in several places. Last I heard she was in the ER still after a long wait and I'm not sure whether she was being admitted or released. Please pray for her and the family as she is about an hour away from everyone so there's a lot of people traveling to spend time with her.


  1. tell mike i am sorry about his grandmother, and J is actually T. give the babies hugs for me.

  2. Ah yes... yes it is, changed it, thanks!

  3. Definitely praying for this family and your parents! Will pray for Mike's Grandma, as well.

    We don't know the family's situation but praying the parents truly will know the Lord through this (or maybe through their children for their having being with your parents!)

    Love, Lu