Thursday, November 13, 2008

Micah's Upper GI was this morning

All in all not so bad. He drank the barium (surprised??) and right away the doctor said YEP, he sure does reflux a lot! Then she flipped him from his side to his tummy and back to his side again and a lot more came back up. It looked to me (though I'm not positive) like some is just sitting in his throat and not even going down again once it comes up.

Anyway, a minute later she said that he's also aspirating. Sure enough, every swallow a bit of the liquid went into his airway- I could see that one. The barium is a thicker liquid, not like milk or water, and is similar in consistency to what he drinks with the milk/baby food combination he is currently eating. Looks like we'll be thickening even more... We knew he gagged bad and couldn't handle thin liquids but these are thicker and he's still aspirating them.

They tried calling around to get a script written in time for us to do the swallow study necessary to find out what thickness of liquids he CAN handle ok, but they weren't able to do it in time for us to make the one opening they had this morning. We were at the children's hospital an hour away so they were hoping to get us in today so we wouldn't have to fast another day and make the 2 hour round trip to do the swallow study. Oh well... it worked out after all for me to head home at that time.

This morning Mike got the other 3 kids up and dressed and dropped Emma off with my mom, Brianna and Kristopher at the church for school. My mom brought Emma back to him around 10 because she had a doctor's appointment, and then I pulled up in the parking lot at 10:45, handed Micah over to Mike for him to drop off for the last hour of school (I'd called to make sure it wouldn't be overwhelming for the teachers) and grabbed Emma. I took her down to the Children's Center for her PT from 11-11:45 then made it back up to the church by 12:10 to pick up the other 3 kids and get everyone home for naps.

At 2 Emma's teacher will be here for an hour and then at 7 we have our church Family Life Group for the last meeting until January (other than a Christmas party next month). It's already been a busy day and there's still a lot to go!

Oh, and although the reflux isn't a good thing, and the aspirating really isn't good... it does explain why Micah is constantly congested--- and wouldn't you think this also explains that "all the sudden" pneumonia he got when we first came home?? I DO!


  1. Well at least you now know and can get him better. My guy used to get aspirated Pneumonia often when he was smaller. With meds and thickening over the years he has gotten way better. Hasn't had pneumonia in a few years. He takes Prevacid now. Since Tristan had his airway surgery I find his reflux has improved alot too. I think his tonsils and adenoids were so large swallowing properly was also a huge part in his reflux problems. make sense? Anyway hope Little Micah feels better soon. Reflux stinks!

  2. Yep. Good to find these things out so that you can help him.

  3. Glad you found out what was going on with little Micah.
    Sorry it wasn't good news but at least you know what is going on and can now get the swallow study done and help the problems out. I don't remember if he is on anything for reflux or not. I know first hand and also my SN daughter has reflux, since she was 4mths old and was on Prevacid, now she is on Aloe Vera juice and doing well, how painful reflux can be. Hoepfully he can get some relief from the reflux and aspirating. All of this would explain the congestion and pnuemonia, poor little guy. I don't know if they warned you or not but don't be surprised if the barium upsets his system within the next few days. He may even complain about real bad stomachache and possible fever. I know this may sound strange but can happen with the barium for some reason. Take care and have a good rest of the day (oh, I said rest, guess you won't be doing that until late tonight!)jk

  4. I am worn out just reading about your morning. You guys are awesome. That is a busy calendar to juggle.
    I hope you can get the reflux under control quickly. I don't know of anything about it. Poor little guy.
    Martha S.

  5. I'm glad that Micah could swallow the barium so that it was evident what is going on. Now at least you know what you are facing and have options for helping correct it. Praying he gets no more pneumonia.

  6. It is good to find out for certain, but goodness, i am sorry it is that severe, poor little guy.

    Meghan was pretty bad as a infant and took reglan and pepcid twice a day for 3 years. Both Meghan and Kara are on Prilosec now, reflux stinks, poor kids should not have to deal with it. :o(

  7. Holy cow! That is so scary!
    Thank God they were able to see it so clearly and you now know exactly what you are dealing with.

    Hoping and praying that the thicker liquids make a bigger difference for Micah.