Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No sleep for Momma

Admittedly, I went to bed a bit late last night. But in the course of the 5 hours I was laying in my bed I was up with three different children. And the third kept me up the remainder of the night. I could use a NAP!

Kristopher is off at school this morning and I am going to try to figure out a way to go to his Thanksgiving celebration at 11:30. I don't know why I didn't have the thought before last night that Mike might not be planning to go too. But he's not, so me going with 3 little ones in tow doesn't make much sense. Plus, it's in his classroom, I just wouldn't bring them all there.

Tonight is speech for all three kiddos and I really need to get some groceries this morning or I'm going to have to wait until tomorrow. Unfortunately, it's now nearing 9am and I haven't gotten myself or anyone else dressed for the day. Something about the house being cold makes me want to leave them in their snuggly sleepers to play! Brianna's are just a little big though and she keeps sliding on the tile when she waddles across the floor.

In the past 2 weeks my camera stopped working (Mike fixed it), my washing machine stopped working (Mike fixed that too), my computer stopped charging (um... Mike broke that one LOL And honestly he COULD fix it but that would void the warranty so he won't and a box is on its way so I can send it back to be repaired), and Mike's Nintendo DS stopped working (which is about 2 weeks inside the one year warranty time frame and nothing actually happened to it- the screen is messing up so it's being mailed in today for a repair or replacement). I hope we're done with electronics failing. I don't generally like the bills that go with them, though it seems we've been protected big time here recently by both warranties and Mike's ability to take things apart and fix them! Oh, and my camera was about 5 days over its one year warranty- the computer, camera, and Nintendo DS were all bought right around this time last year because we were preparing to go to Ukraine (Yes... Mike brought the DS! LOL). We have a 3 year accidental coverage on the laptop but just regular manufacturer warranties on everything else.

Ok, off to get kids going-- myself too-- and we'll see if I can make it to the grocery store and back and still get to Kristopher's class celebration!


  1. Randy brought his DS and had to use the taxi's cigarette lighter to charge it when our power converter blewup!

    Go get some sleep Mama!

  2. Ahhhh technology! Gotta love it until it stops working! LOL

  3. WOW you have a dangerous house for appliances/electronics LOL Good thing Mike is so'll have to keep him ;) Hope you were able to make K's thanksgiving celebration. And thanks for doing the "thankful for" too. How old is B?....I'm trying to figure out how far apart in age she and William are. He will be 3 March

  4. You are one busy Mama! Dennis keeps me on my toes, and I know you are busy like I am times three.... you go girl!