Monday, November 10, 2008

My dr's office call

Hi, thank you for calling, what can I do for you today.

Hi there, I have two things this morning, both for my daughter Emma.

Ok, let's do one at a time, what's the first?

I have a request from her PT for orthodics. I just need a script so I can have it filled.

I'm sorry she'll need to see the doctor for that.

No, we just need a script, please ask the doctor for just a script.

Ok, what else?

Wait, I need to tell you what the script needs to say.

The doctor will determine that.

Actually, the doctor needs the PT to determine that, so the PT told me exactly what it needs to say.

Ok... I guess I'll write it here and she can decide.

That's fine. It needs to say Bilateral Cascade DAFO 3.5

I'll leave a note.

All right, that's the first one. I have one more. I also need the orders for bloodwork for Emma as a followup from her last set. It is repeat of the ones we had done in Nashville probably. We just saw Dr. ___ and he said to get the orders from our regular doctor that is already familiar with what we need.

So you want an appointment to get bloodwork?

No, I don't want an appointment, I was just there last weekend. I just need the blood work orders as a follow up to the appointment. At my last apt I was told to call and get the bloodwork orders.

Ok, I'll put this up for Dr. ___

No, wait, it's not that doctor, it's for my regular doctor.

You said that Dr. ___ is who you just saw.

Yes, I saw him but he didn't know what needed to be run and said to call back for our regular doctor to do the bloodwork orders.

Ok, so I'm putting it up for your regular doctor then.

Thank you...

Don't you just LOVE new doctor's office employees? Most people there know my voice by now, my kids, and they knew the ropes of how things get done. They know better than to tell me twice in one conversation that I need to bring my kid in. No way! LOL I only bring her in when she NEEDS to be seen. That's quite often enough thank you!

We'll see whether I get the script and bloodwork... I will say though, at least the new person did agree to write everything down... even if she argued with me about it :) It's always nice to make new friends. It's a shame that this is how I do it though!


  1. That last blog made me smile. I am a pediatrician who lurks often b/c I enjoy looking into the world of a family with special needs. I see families for just a few minutes or hours -- its interesting to see what goes on the rest of the time. Thanks for sharing your stories.

  2. Love it...I know what you mean, you don't go in unless you really have too. After W's heart surgery my ped. told me not to even come in for his well check unless he was sick. She just did not want him exposed to everything else....she is great!!Everyone in the office used to know us..when we were in all of the time....but after his surgery and we werent in as much the "new" workers would give me trouble too...I would jut say "OK just ask her to give me a call and if she doesn twant to that is fine"...our ped was great about calling me back personally and finding out the details, she doesn't take chances with certain problems ie. heart stuff Have I mentioned she is greatLOL...we love her