Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our day in a nutshell

7:00 wake up to fussy Micah, give bottle and move to playpen in guest room where he goes back to sleep while not waking his brother (lay on the couch and pretend that I can go back to sleep that easily, ok, who am I kidding, I was out COLD)

8:30 everyone else wakes up after a late night the previous night

9:15 breakfast for Brianna, no one else is interested, phone call to renew services for Brianna for a year, phone call to pre-register the girls for their bloodwork

9:45 breakfast for Kristopher and Emma, another bottle for Micah, quick while their occupied take a shower

10:30 I'm dressed, one child is dressed, clothes are picked out, and my mom's here so I can take the girls

11:00 Yes I'm finally out the door with two kids, dressed, and mom watches the boys

12:00 back home with one semi-successful blood draw (finger stick after the first jab didn't work) and one that I didn't let them even put the needle on her because they couldn't find a good vein (next time we're going back to the children's hospital...)

12:45 lunch (yep, later than usual), Mike comes home to eat

1:15 Mike's mom comes by to pick up her pictures and she's headed to the airport in 30 minutes. I realize she's paying $50 to park their car there and instead offer to drive them

1:25 All the kids have clean diapers (again) and are in the car headed for grandma and grandpa's house. Good thing I didn't put them down for naps on time.

3:15 Pull back up to the house, B and M napped in the car so they trudge forward full blast as I start moving the kitchen table to clean the floors and take the big baby gate down so we can extend the table. Kristopher vacuums up the popcorn crumbs he spilled on the living room floor on Monday

4:30 speech therapist comes to work with all three little ones, I put the table back and start in on washing sweet potatoes while she works on feeding with Micah. K helps wash vegetables (with B watching from a stool) then we put them in to bake for a while. Set up the steam pot to start with frozen corn and carrots in it that will become baby food later on. ST works with Emma on early communication skills and E takes a break in the middle to eat a jar of BABY FOOD (yes, you read that right, she's been eating a jar 3x/day for 4 days now!!!) Brianna sits nearby and has a snack while E works (and B participates probably more than she does on her own time!) Then our ST switches over to B and works with her for a bit.

6:00 speech is done, Mike comes in with Chinese food and K, Mike, and I enjoy a little sweet and sour chicken and lo mein.

6:30 I start peeling the cooked sweet potatoes and K helps mash them up with a spoon in the big bowl. Tomorrow we'll add brown sugar and marshmallows and reheat them, but this one's pretty good even when it cooks the night before (especially since it takes so much time!)

7:15 Mike and K leave to go feed his parents' dogs and Brianna stands by the door screaming, goes and gets a jacket and tries to put it on, brings me Micah's shoes, and is basically miserable because Daddy left and didn't take her. Yes, she's still standing by the front door and I believe I hear her playing with glass babyfood jars. Must be time to rescue her...

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  1. I am exhausted just reading all that. Yay for Chinese food!!!!