Friday, November 14, 2008

Poor neglected blog...

I think about things I could post several times each day, but lately getting to the computer with those thoughts has been a little more difficult! The long days away from home have left me with more needing to be done at home and of course the kids don't require any less of me :) And then there's Mike... Well, I think it's time for a date. Tomorrow marks 11 years since our first date. Maybe I'll tell that story tomorrow :) It's kind of a fun one! (ps, just called Mike's parents and sure enough they're ready for some grandbaby time since his mom started her new job this week and hasn't been able to be around. Time for a date!)

1 comment:

  1. Awww, happy annniversary Merdith and Mike! Our official anniversary is the end of the month but our first date is Eden's birthday! So, neither of us can forget that one! This one, well, I am the one that forgets this one...

    I hope to hear about your first date! But instead of blogging about it tomorrow, go out! Then tell us the next day! :)

    What a blessing your first date turned into! You two are such a blessing in SO many ways!