Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Kids' Halloween Costumes

My little Spidey!  He wore the mask for a bit but couldn't see well to play with it on...


Fairly in training... Brianna looked adorable as Tinkerbell!


This was a unique outfit, but still cute ;)  It's a 'fairy' but it's a pumpkin... It was awful cute on Emma regardless and the wings velcro'd on the back instead of going around her arms so she didn't mind them too much :)


In shining armor... Micah made a very cute knight!


Can you tell the girls were a little tired?  We have very few pictures from the Harvest Fest (these are about it, other than a few more attempts at a a group shot) and yet two of them look like the kids are yawning!  Emma's covering her mouth at least ;)

IMG_0729 IMG_0750  

Skeet shooting, this was cute with foam disk shooters and birds hanging from the ceiling!  Micah hung out in someone's arms all night...

016 007

Brianna refusing to smile... LOL  and Emma, being Emma :)

005 IMG_0759

I think this one's the best group shot we were able to pull off.  Notice K is holding M into the chair (he wanted to nose dive) and I'm holding Bria back from going to get DADDY!  I believe E might have her finger in her ear too LOL ah... family photos with 4 that are 5 and under!



  1. They all look adorable! I cannot believe how big Emma is getting!!! She has just blossomed! It is AWESOME!

  2. I took a couple of the kids Saturday night. Hopefully Mike can get them Monday and bring them home...or something... :)

  3. Too cute!! Looking at that one of just emma (next to the one of brianna refusing to smile) - I thought she looked very regal! Very...I am sitting up straight with my head held hi :) such a big girl!

  4. Emma is looking great! She is looking healthy and almost robust!

  5. aww, your kids looked so cute in their costumes!

  6. I can't believe how full Emma's face is getting! She looks healthier everyday! Too cute family. :)

  7. They all looked adorable! I am just so amazed and blessed at how well Emma is doing. She looks so healthy and she is obviously really blossoming. I love the way you have her hair - too cute!