Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our day

Would you know that I took the two girls to the ENT this morning and we came home with a report saying “NO CHANGES FOR 6 MONTHS”!?  YAY!  Of course it couldn’t be a complete non-event and Emma’s tubes have both come out, but the good part is that they’re not ‘lodged’ and the ear isn’t building up fluid, so no reason to replace them right now.  In fact, since her ears were cleaned out good for the first time in her life at the time the tubes were first placed, it’s possible she’ll never need tubes again. YIPPEE!  I now have an appointment in 6 months for the 3 little ones to see the ENT all together.  That should be fun.

On my way to drive the 30 minutes to the doctor’s office I realized I was being followed (closely) by a police officer.  It doesn’t generally bother me since I don’t speed anyway but this guy sat right behind me for EVER.  He actually turned just 2 blocks away from my destination.  Then after the appointment I pulled out of the office and onto the small side street and lo and behold there’s an officer standing on the side of the road with his radar gun.  I smiled and waved :)  He actually waved back! LOL  Usually they give me a dirty look when I wave :P  I do wonder, though, how he intended to pull people over.  I didn’t even see his car.

Of course that reminded me of one of our lovely trips in Ukraine when we were driving along (I was asleep in the back seat) and all the sudden we stopped on a highway.  I sat up and looked out the window to see a Ukrainian police officer standing by the window writing a ticket!  We were going 100 in a 50 (KM/hr) and got a ticket.  The police simply waive at you and you pull over there!  There’s no car pulling out, lights and sirens.  Just a guy with a stick light!

Anyway, after I left the ENT I got back out on the road and would you know that ANOTHER officer starts in on my tail?  You’d have thought I had done something or maybe they were searching for a gold E-530 and kept sending in my plates to find I wasn’t a match?  I don’t know, but he followed me all the way back to my town until I turned off the highway to go to the church.

Anyone know of a fugitive in a Gold Ford?


  1. Ha! I was pulled over once in the good ole US of A by an officer on foot. He held out his little radar gun and waved me off the street. I actually though it was a detour he was waving me on!

  2. Usually they work in pairs, the one officer with the radar gun was visible, the officer in a patrol car that does the pulling over was probably hidden until the first officer let him know to make a move.