Saturday, November 08, 2008

Thank you!

Thank you for the prayers for the families posted below, and also for the neat replies to the international view of politics posted below. If anyone has a spare minute I think you'd enjoy reading the replies there. I always wonder how the rest of the world views the US as, I'm sure with all nations, our own media is very ethnocentric and I know other countries pay attention to different aspects of things as well as show sometimes different sides of current events. I'm not all that surprised to see that a majority of the other countries represented in the comments have shown overwhelming support for Obama. When I was in Nassau, Bahamas we saw lots of t-shirts and other paraphernalia supporting Obama as well. It is interesting to see why and what parts of the political race was shown in different countries. Thanks for sharing!

Today we went to IKEA and then to Waterford Towncenter just to window shop. I picked up a few books for Christmas presents and Mike picked up some things for work. We spent the entire day out and enjoyed just hanging out with our family.

I took my camera out at one point to take a picture and was so disappointed to see that it is no longer working :( It says 'lens error' and though it turns on and immediately shows the picture in the back panel, it doesn't focus, tries, then shuts off with the error. Looks like I'll have to dig out the old camera for a bit because I don't know what I'd do without being able to take pictures! That camera is one we bought to go to Ukraine last year and was a Christmas gift for me from Mike. It's sad that it lasted only about a year, but it has been used a LOT and also has been dropped a LOT from my little photographer-in-training...


  1. Meredith - We also suffered a "lens error" (Cannon Powershot) and were told that it would cost more to fix than the camera was worth. *sigh*

    Good luck - we love those pics of your adorable family!

  2. Your little photographer in training needs his own camera. We too had a camera suffer the same fate as yours. So this year, Santa is bringing each of my budding photographers their own kid friendly, drop proof digital camera....made by Vtech(compliments of an online coupon that reduced the price!).

  3. If you do end up buying a new camera, I just bought this one and LOVE IT. It's shockproof (can be dropped and it doesn't matter) waterproof (can take it in the pool to get great videos and pics) and freezeproof (not that you'll need to worry about that, unless it gets left in the freezer I suppose. It's the OLYMPUS STYLUS 1050

    I have no affiliation with it, I just love it!