Monday, October 11, 2010

How Facebook gave us a second chance at adoption

I've said before that I was contacted by a missionary while I was on my way to Ukraine.  What I didn't say is just how that missionary came to have my contact info.  This, alone, was led by God as well!

The missionary, Alla, told me that she liked the way a friend of mine wrote up her family profile, what she said about her family.  She requested to 'friend' her (not knowing anything about her) and learned that she had adopted children with Down syndrome from Ukraine.  That friend corresponded with Alla for a bit and then gave her my contact info and told her that I work with Reece's Rainbow to help kids with disabilities to find homes and help the parents through the process.

Alla 'innocently' emailed me and said that she knew my friend Joy through Facebook and that she ministers at orphanages in Ukraine, some of whom serve children with Down syndrome.  From her very first email she told me the region that she lives in and I replied saying that I was familiar with the region and had been to two orphanage/institutions there.  I asked if she'd ever been to the one that Aleksa was at.

Never in a million years did I expect her to respond and say that yes, she knew the institution and she then asked me for a photo of Aleksa.  (**By the way, Aleksa is the name WE have given her, not her birth name**)  I sent her two photos that I pulled off my blog using my phone while sitting in the airport in Memphis with Shelley.  She sent me back a photo from a year ago of the same little sandy brown haired sweetheart.

I am slowly sharing the details of all that God has done.  Each little piece of this story is an entire story of its own.  But the resounding theme is that our God is the God of modern day miracles.  And even IF He doesn't intend for us to bring Aleksa home, there is no question that we are to walk out this path that He's laid before us.  We'll open ourselves up to the chance of being heartbroken yet again... yes.  But there will never be a question in our minds of "did we follow God's call when He asked us to step out of our comfort zone?"

Our answer is YES.

What's yours?


  1. Yep, you've got me crying again, Meredith! May god richly bless your YES!

  2. Wow..nicely said.

    I love watching God work! And when I don't see it,I love knowing he is working anyway and that maybe I will get a chance to see it.

  3. Meredith,
    We are beginning the step out of our comfort zone as well. You inspire me to think of what we may be being called to do, and answer "yes", despite what the world says about it.