Friday, October 15, 2010

One busy day!

Today I took the 6 kiddos to the zoo.  Just to make things more interesting, we met up with a friend and her 5 kids and the two of us hung out together with our crew of 11.  It was a blast! All the kids were GREAT!  Brianna and Kristopher stayed together and with us, and I brought the quad stroller for sanity purposes.  The kids all had a good time :)

After getting home, we didn't really GO home.  We went to the house for me to grab our dossier and drive to the FedEx store.  Dossier #2 (for Aleksa!) is on its way to be apostilled.  Depending on how quickly the state processes it, it could be back to me late next week.  Then it's off to Ukraine to join Wesley's dossier :)

After THAT (which took forever by the way) we drove through McD's because it was dinner time, picked up several cases of Pediasure that Mike's parents had gotten for us at BJ's and dropped off their check, then came home... finally!

The kids were great all day and we are excited to have one more piece of the adoption behind us.

Now, all we need... is a travel date! :)


  1. I really want to take the girls to the zoo. THAT IS SO GREAT THE KIDS HAD A GREAT TIME! Have a great week!

  2. Now a video of what Micah and Emma can do now as a comparison would be nice to show how far they've come. In you spare, ha!time. Love, Mom