Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Dossier Race!!

The race is on!!

I sent paperwork off for apostille in another state last week.  Yesterday it arrived!  I also mailed off for our state background checks (again) and they should be here any day...  

Yesterday I also went to our county appraiser's office and got another copy of our county form.  The ladies that work there are great, and I was able to share a bit of our story, the 'why' in our second set of paperwork, and to share our family blog with them.  Maybe they'll come see this :).  If so, THANK YOU!! :)

It wasn't even in my radar to get more copies of our marriage certificate while I was at the county office, so next week I'll go back and get them from the clerk of courts.

I have copies of our tax forms ready, copies of our passports and 171H are available to just print off the computer.  I also have the other income letter we need (stating James' subsidy) since I'd asked for an extra copy originally.  

Aside from that... We need a second copy of Mike's employment form and a paper from our mortgage holder (both should be pretty easy to obtain) and all the "print and sign" documents.  WOW!  

We also just found out we are 'owed' about $1700 and have had our local Down Syndrome Association  sponsor Aleksa's plane ticket home (if she's able to come home).  Two friends have come forward offering to do fundraising for Aleksa, and we are SO grateful!! 

God's doing this-- it's certainly not us.  We have about $10-14k still to raise, but God has proven Himself again and again! The two friends putting together fundraisers may provide some of that, and we will see what God has planned for the rest of it if He plans to bring Aleksa into our family...


  1. Glad to hear it;) How long would you be in country? maybe we'll meet up!!

  2. I love your heart, Meredith. You are an amazing woman to me. I have only been home 1 week today with my two new little ones and each night I look at your blog hoping that it will inspire me and heal a little of my broken heart for all of these orphans. I don't know how you do what you do, but you are a God send to so many. I have went to bed more nights than not this week feeling like a failure, like I should have played more, cleaned less...or sometimes cleaned more and played just depends on the day, but your words inspire me to know that all will be well and things are going to be ok. I am in awe of what you do for your children and you inspire me to get up tomorrow and try a little harder. Thanks for all you do.

    Stephanie Carmichael

  3. Meredith,
    Are you having to get those documents for a second dossier? I ask with the fear that maybe we are supposed to have them for us?
    Excited and praying for you dear friend. May you continue to follow God and seek His will. May Gid continue to sustain Aleksa.