Friday, October 29, 2010


Today I'm headed to the school for a storybook parade with the preschoolers (and Emma's class is participating but she'll be with her class).  Then I'm off to the pumpkin patch with Emma's class :) !  After that the class is headed to the park, but Lynae and I will be coming home for lunch and a nap.  Her.. not me... though I might want one by then! 

Mike and I were able to get away last night for a few hours and went to Orlando for a quick supper and to shoe-shop for him.  His tennis shoes and dress shoes were both in ill repair and with it being pretty cold (highs in the 40's) right now where we're headed, a good pair of shoes is pretty important!  I think... dare I say... that we are pretty much ready to go as far as things that we needed.  We need to get another luggage tag and he needs a pair of headphones, and that's ALL :).  Until, of course, we figure out how many children are coming home and what sizes they are and then we can start in figuring out what we need to bring back over with us to bring them home.

And... I splurged.  I was waiting, thinking it over, playing with a loaner... and I decided to go ahead and buy a Kindle.  I ended up getting the wi-fi (not 3G) version because it is $50 cheaper.  And I was able to use rewards points from our credit card and paid a total of $30 including next day shipping.  It will be here on Saturday!  Im glad to be able to bring one small device and not a bunch of books.  I LOVE to read and last trip I read literally a dozen books during our adoption.  So I'm very glad to be able to pack that much LESS STUFF when I go over.

And yes, it was suggested to me to use the free PC Kindle instead of purchasing one.  The biggest trouble with that is battery life of the computer, but it's also hard to lay down in bed and read off of a laptop.  That is my favorite way to read... snuggled up in warm covers on a cold day!  

Off to a good fun day with the kiddos!  I can't believe it's FRIDAY already!


  1. So glad you went ahead and got the Kindle. I've been thinking about getting one for a while. Hope you LOVE it because there are going to be LOTS of cold days! :)

  2. Glad you splurged on the Kindle. Sounds like it will come in handy. Let me know how you like it. I've thought of purchasing one, but love to hold a book. I'm a strange one I guess :)