Sunday, October 31, 2010

The first set of pictures..

These are the pic’s off my camera… of course there’s more on my phone because my camera disappeared for a day or so…


This is our new dining room table!  My mom and I went to garage sales the other day looking for clothes for the kids.  But… we also found this table.  My parents called me that night and said “we want to buy that for you guys for Christmas, can I go back and get it??”  So… we now have a dining room table that easily seats 12-14! :)  In the picture, there are 4 seats down each side and 2 at one end.  I realize the chairs don’t match :)  The black seats are the ones that came with the table, but there are only 6 of them. 


A few pictures from Animal Kingdom!

DSCN8376 DSCN8377

Kristopher was very excited about the bats! They’ve been studying them in school and there were a bunch of HUGE bats there!

DSCN8379 DSCN8383 DSCN8384 DSCN8385

The tigers were up close in the viewing area and all the kids got a good look.

 DSCN8387 DSCN8388 DSCN8389 DSCN8390 DSCN8391 DSCN8392 DSCN8393 DSCN8394

When we stopped for lunch, these guys came over and set up right behind us!  I have a cute video (maybe one day it will make it to the blog…) of the kids’ reactions to the music.  They loved it! :)

DSCN8396 DSCN8398

Rafiki is the only character we waited in line to see.  He has a whole section of the park just for him!  Brianna and James were with Michael while I waited in line with these guys.  Emma REALLY liked him! (and Kristopher too!)


Everyone except Brianna loved the petting zoo too!  James went right up to the animals.  Emma was ok with them for a few then was ready for the safety of the stroller :)  Micah was intrigued by them, and last time he was one that was freaking out.  He did great!  Lynae didn’t like the goat RIGHT in her face, but otherwise liked seeing them.  Kristopher got to pet the cow with a brush and enjoyed watching the goats on their jungle gym too.

 DSCN8402 DSCN8403 DSCN8404 DSCN8405 DSCN8408 DSCN8409 DSCN8410

Lynae had a wet wipe because I dropped milk on her head while I was refilling her cup.  So… she continued cleaning off her head long after I was done!

 DSCN8411 DSCN8412

Kristopher was a great helper and would hang with James if he walked to a different set of animals from where we were.  He wanted James to pet them!  He would walk right up to them, but then just stare until someone helped him pet :)

DSCN8413 DSCN8414 DSCN8415

This is the largest of the male gorillas at the park.  He was conditioned to sit and wait at a specific spot and would have fruit and treats thrown to him by the trainer from a bridge.  This was so that all 4 male gorillas didn’t try to get in through the small ‘barn’ door at one time.  They then signaled for him to go to bed and he’d go in to his bed area.

DSCN8416 DSCN8418

We all had a nice family day together.  It was low key and a lot of fun!  The park closed at 5pm and that was perfect for us to grab a quick dinner and make it home by 7pm!


  1. love the table. who cares if the chairs match, your family can eat together! thats whats important! love the zoo pics, when we see the gorilla we always notice that his hands are like Bens. now he says LOOK! ARTHROGRYPOSIS!

  2. That is so cool you were able to get a table that will seat so many. And btw I LOVE mismatched dining chairs. I think it is a great look (and practical haha). Well done. Enjoy sitting at that table surrounded by those you love.

  3. We actually have stainless steel folding chairs at our table. They are the only thing we've found that can withstand our crew. Before that we went through I don't even remember how many wooden chairs. I enjoyed the zoo pictures.