Monday, October 04, 2010


October is Down syndrome awareness month, and during the month I'm registered to take part in 31 for 21, which is a commitment to bligging all 31 days in October in acknowledgement of Down syndrome, aka Trisomy 21.

I was hesitant to sign up because life gets busy and often I'm an every 2-3 days kind of blogger.  But... i signed up, and you can follow the link on the button over there  ----------------> near the top to see more about what 31 for 21 is all about. 

In the mean time, my home Internet (and therefore phone too...) is out so this post is from the joy of the Internet phone and therefore promises to be short  :). 

Brianna went to the doctor this morning because her ear was bleeding... she's ok and we're not sure why it's bleeding... but 2 doctors took a peek and they both are ok with it.

Im working this week on putting together paperwork for the potential adoption of Aleksa.  We won't know if it's right or if it's possible until we are in country, but we will need a second dossier for it to even be an option for us.  I'm sure the doctor's office is going to love us after redoing Mike's 4 times and mine twice.

Lynae walked all over today holding just one hand of mine.  She'll be running before long!

Kristopher lost his first tooth a while back and his adult tooth looks huge! LOL  it was already coming in before the baby tooth came out and he never really had the gap.

Emma played for 2 hours yesterday with a baby doll in the car (up and back from St. Augustine) and was NICE about it the entire time!

James left his shoes on for the entire day, which is HUGE for him! And, he drank his bottle in the carseat without trouble (usually he tosses it a few times...).  Yay!

Both Micah and James walked next to the wheelchair and held on to it for parts of the day yesterday!  They both did great and are really catching on to the expectation that they stay close when we're walking in public.  If they let go they were 'off' but generally they did great!

Ok, phone tying only lasts so long...

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