Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Consignment Sale Finds!

$20 Maclaren Stroller (which I will ‘make taller’ with a little more material up the handle area for Wesley to come home in!!)
Brand new size 4T HEAVY coat for Wesley to wear home!
A Euro Highchair (straps are disconnected) which changes to a booster and an adult seat.  We’re buying several of these that don't have the highchair part on them and this one was $30!  They are great at the table!!  The kids have a footrest (my kids hate their feet dangling and put them up in their chairs!) and the seat raises so Brianna would be all the way up at the table (without sitting on her knees...) and they adjust as the child grows and can een be used as an adult :)  Here's where I just ordered 2 from for Christmas presents... and saved $50 doing it :)  They were still $70 each when all was said and done including shipping, but much better than the $90/100 they usually cost!  (  Use the $25 and $50 off sales right now on that link! 
Also bought pants for Emma, Kristopher, Lynae, James, and Micah.  Brianna doesn’t need any ;).  I’m sold on consignment sales now! 


  1. I am so glad youposted this because I am looking for something for gabby and bella....THANKS Im gonna get two.

  2. Great finds!! I have to ask about the chair. We have a Keekaroo for Luke, which I love, but I really need something for Irina. Can the straps be used when the child is older/bigger (it was hard to tell from the website pics). My two will NOT stay seated without a belt!Thanks!:)

  3. oops..more questions! LOL! How big of a child can use the tray? Irina is 5, but she still uses a tray (mostly for the protection of others at the table:). Thanks!