Saturday, October 30, 2010

Animal Kingdom :)

We decided at the last minute to go spend the day at Animal Kingdom today!  We'd been given free passes for our family several months ago and had set them aside thinking I'd take a few kids at a time once school started and the weather cooled down.  Except... then James was sick the first weeks of school and now that the weather is cooling... we're leaving!

So we went to Animal Kingdom today as a family and had a great time!  The kids were all good and they enjoyed the animals and music and rides.  We saw the Lion King show and Brianna was a bit overwhelmed (and of course WAY over tired!) but otherwise did good.  Micah started off SCREAMING.  By the end, he was clapping and waving his arms in the air!  Not kidding even a little bit! :)  He went from crying to laughing in just a few songs.

James, Emma, Lynae, and Kristopher all THOROUGHLY enjoyed it!  They have 30' (or larger?) animatronic animals on floats that line the circular room and gymnast monkeys in the middle.  LOUD, BRIGHT, and FUN! :)

We also loved the Safari ride.  It was pretty bumpy, and I'm surprised they allow you to carry your lap babies on due to safety, but we all loved it :).

Pictures to come, for all sorts of stuff!

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  1. Ah, Disney! (my favorite) The Hosfords who adopted from Ukraine are there right now, too. Too bad you couldn't get together!